An unexpected benefit to taking a strategic approach to being a designer is the research. We get to dive into the nitty-gritty of a large array of industries that are nothing like our own. It keeps things… interesting. When it came to working with AirSuite to develop the brand for their new flight management app, we got to walk a day in the shoes of pilots and flight operators.


With a functional (and impressive) prototype in its beta testing phase, we had the luxury to begin our process at the starting line. We took a critical look at the current competitive landscape and built a brand platform from the ground up, encompassing naming, strategy, identity, user interface and experience. Taking inspiration from the clouds – ‘Cirro’ took flight.


The result was a contemporary and approachable brand that mirrored the user friendliness of its product. Cirro hits the market armed with instant creditability, allowing them to focus their efforts on growing this exceptional tool.