As a proactive approach to increase voter turnout for the 2014 Municipal & School Board Elections, City of Thunder Bay Administration enlisted our help to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to increase public awareness and generally make voting more accessible.


Our goal with the 2014 Municipal Voting Awareness Campaign was to develop a Strategic Communication Plan that takes the successful ideas from previous efforts and adds a creative spin for increased attention. Through both traditional and non-traditional mediums, we launched a highly-visual campaign aimed to grab attention, instill a sense of ownership and encourage action.


The vibrant and straight-forward messaging sparked a high-level of awareness throughout the city. Filling the polls and maintaining momentum with past voter turn-out percentages, the 2014 Election Awareness Campaign made it’s mark. With a solid brand foundation established and potential for a more streamlined voting system, it’s hard not to be optimistic for the future voter participation in our city.